Gifts and works

Hi! a bit late but... happy 2011 guys!
I haven't started this year very good, the end of the year was very fun, but these days almost all my family and me have been sick >< Finally we are good now, and I can show you the gifts that the "three Wise Men" gave me this year; books!

I am so happy with them <3 the first one is "how to write and illustrate children books", the second "Hi-Fructose" with great pop surrealism art interviews and articles and the third a comic called "Princesse aime princesse" (I have read it already and I loved it! the drawing is very simple but very expressive, and I like how are made some scenes of the history.
Also, my sister gave me these two gifts; a wool hat made by her and a sweater for my Blythe boy (poor Kiwi... I don't pay attention to him)

Btw! Momiji is wearing a scarf that my aunt crochetted ^__^ (horrible photo I know! D:)

Today I have been working on the molds for Enyo. I am going to send him to be casted in resin soon, and I am afraid about lose him during the shipping, so, at least, I want to have the molds. Now I am not very sure if that was a good idea, because it is a hard work and the silicone is very expensive >_<

And the worst thing is that I bought a kilo of silicone and it isn't enought for all T_T:;... ah well.

I have been working too in a big oil painting :D This is a photo of the progress;

Sketch in moleskine and lines on wood. Now the piece is painted with oils and will be completed shortly ://)

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  1. The books look very interesting! and the painting looks like its going to be awesome. Can I ask do you use a primer on the wood?

  2. Hi Sumi! thanks for your comment :D
    I just add some glue like this: I did a little tutorial about how I paint this kind of pieces, you can see it here:


  3. Oh glue! That's a good idea. Thank You for your help. I really appreciate it :)