Enyo nº with make-up

Hi people!!
First of all, THANKS A LOT for all your comments and support, you make me really happy T v T
Enyo is a very important project for me, it is the first doll I can see finally made of resin and it's like a dream! ; v ;
I have received messages with questions about Enyo, so here there is some information:

- 14 Enyos wil be available [worldwide]
- What's included? --> Enyo assembled, a pair of cushions, Enyo box and a certificate (and I want to add a little gift!)
- Make-up as an additional sevice with two options.
- How can you get it? I'll open an order list (in my website, blog, forums etc) with an application form. Orders will be by e-mail.
- When? soon! in April or May
I still need to finish some stuff, for this reason I am thinking about doing a preorder this month and send all Enyos in May.
Thanks again for all, Enyo sends love for everybody! <3
Size: 17 cm
Eye size: 8 mm
head circumference: 17cm
Arm length: 4,5 cm
hip circumference: 11 cm
leg length: 7 cm
foot length: 2,5 cm
foot wide: 1,5 cm

Enyo nº1

Enyo nº1 
More photos soon!! <3 <3

6 comentarios:

  1. Y yo tan pobre :__D
    Es increíblemente genial, es uno de tus dibujos hecho resinilla, que pasada¡¡ Su carita es genial * ¬ *

  2. madre mía que preciosidad, has hecho un magnifico trabajo con este pequeñín, seguro que los vendes todos :3

    besos! :)

  3. Gali: graciaaaas!! >//w//< me hace ilu que te parezca uno de mis dibus en muñeco, jaja! :__3

    KF: como me alegra!!! *^__________^*

    Evilshara: gracias!!! ; w ;

    SaMtRoNiKa: gracias wapi!! ojalá vay bien sip! ^//v//^

  4. pufff estoy sin palabras!! jajaja me gustaria que me explicaras brevemente como de un dibujo has podido llegar a eso, supongo k mandaras hacer todas las piezas, pero les das tu uno exo por ti de otro material o como va esto??? me encanta la ilustracion, y me encantaria poder tener un muñeco de una iustracion mia! explicamelo porfavorrrrrrrrr