Shinji by Insomnia-Doll :O

Hi everyone! <3

Fisrt of all, thanks you so much for your support and nice words about Enyo, that make me really happy ; A ;

This time I wanna show you a doll head by my friend and great artist Insomnia-Doll, Do you know Shinji? Now are available only 20 heads, and she hasn't plans to release it anymore (at least by now) because she wants to work in her new projects.
It's a photo by the artist (clicking you can visit her Flickr account)

I think this doll can be girl, boy, a hot guy, a cute lovely character...  whatever you want! I did a face-up of this head and I though "humm! I am sure that this head can also be an adorable boy/girl" and I did it! X//3

I love how the same mold  can have completly different appearances just for the make-up. Anyway, I love all of them :D hehe <3
If you are interested visit the Insomnia-Doll page <33

BTW! The next week I'll send Enyo to the reproduction center (Dollshe). And, surprise! I will also send a SD size head called "Ringo". I'll post photos of her/him soon!! ://)



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